On an area of 240 hectares (593 acres) and 2 kms of pristine beaches, only 20 minutes away from Jose Ignacio, a private residential area with aprox 2800 m2 plots and exclusive amenities has been developed.

The project aims at preserving the peace and quite of the area and the natural beauty provided by the sea and its beaches, the native flora and fauna and the irregular land. More than 50% of the premises will be allocated to green spaces and common areas.

The irregular land alters the landscape and provides special charm. Las Garzas has been developed on an area that goes down from the road to the sea step by step, which turns the premises into a series of natural terraces that offer great sea views from the vast majority of the plots.

Located some kms away from the city and with permanent security guards all around the premises, one can truly enjoy family life in a place like this. Children can be raised in a safe and quiet environment.


Las Garzas offers a comprehensive and exclusive range of services and activities for the whole family.

To live a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience, one may make the most of the horse riding activities along the beach, as well as the biking and trekking over the trails and irregular land area. Children may have a good time at a comprehensive kids' club and may also enjoy themselves in the kids' swimming pool and with the beach games. Adults may enjoy a massage session, as well as exclusive beach service and delicious gourmet options. During the winter, the fireplace will always be ready to welcome you.

  • Beach Club
  • Adults' swimming pool with jacuzzi
  • Kids' swimming pool
  • Lounge and restaurant
  • Massage room and sauna
  • Kids' playroom
  • Beach deck
  • Beach service
  • Gym with locker rooms
  • Lifeguard service
  • Tennis courts
  • Biking activities
  • Tours on the irregular land area
  • Horse riding activities on the irregular land area and the beach


Inspiration is in everything around us.

That’s why our cuisine works with local and seasonal products. With our own organic farm, regional cellars, fishermen from both the sea and the Rocha and Garzón lagoons, 100% pasturage beef and lambs fed with the salty grasses from the Atlantic shore, our proposal is simple: we decided to respect the product and give it the just preparation to enhance its own qualities. We brought back our cocktail bar, ideal for daytime, and we serve fruit and vegetable juices and shakes, too. We also started making our own breads in a firewood oven, and pastries.

This year in Las Garzas, Camote Langer dives into the concept of regionalization.

Offering fish and seafood cooked in firewood, grilled octopus, crab pincers, roasted cauliflower, risotto in tomato water with Rocha shrimp and slowly roasted lamb; besides the classic caramelized burnt peaches and cinnamon ice-cream. As usual, everything is very surprising and inspired in what nature provides to prepare the dishes of the day. Reservations by telephone (00598) 44702046. From 11:30


In the municipality of Rocha, 250 inhabitants bring life to the small village of Garzón, where time seems to have stopped somewhere in the middle of last century. A village where carriages drive on dirt roads and houses stand out for their simplicity and austerity. Las Garzas is next to the village, only 20 minutes away from José Ignacio on route 10 (Interbalnearia) and 50 minutes away from Punta del Este International Airport on route 9. There, where the Garzón creek is born and spills down to the namesake lagoon.

Reaching Las Garzas is comfortable and fast through the bridge on the Garzón Lagoon, an icon designed by architect Rafael Viñoly. This connection between Rocha and Maldonado strengthens the growth of Las Garzas, fostering the development of the whole region.



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